For Large Enterprises

Sytorus enterprise software stack delivers a scalable, automated, integrated and collaborative privacy program framework for global organisations, supported by a team of technology experts and trusted advisors.

Enterprise Solutions Overview

Technology that Works

Our software stack consists of the latest, provable, functionality across processes and data sets, which allows complex privacy programs manage their needs in an efficient and demonstrable way. Leverage simple to use capability that scales with you, while never compromising the way you work.

Standard Operating Procedures

With Sytorus’ software, your organisation can rollout a repeatable, and workable program, managed through our technology, allowing you to focus on the legal complexities of your work, knowing that the technology will inform, enforce and control how you want your privacy program to operate.

Material Evidence

With our dual capability across processes and data, customers can provide complete legal material evidence of their compliance, as well as their continuous improvement over time to demonstrate complete control in all levels of the program.

Customized for You

Our dedication and focus as a privacy centred engineering team, ensures that whatever your requirements are, our technology will fit your needs, including all necessary configuration and integration requirements. This unique focus on the customer, is a key part to our delivery capability.

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Why Sytorus?

With well over seven years’ experience in Data Protection, and over twenty years expertise as software developers and business analysts, Sytorus’ engineering team for Large Enterprises has a detailed understanding of what is required to ensure a successful privacy program is operationally effective.

We have seen all the pitfalls, and we understand what the regulators want. Our solution combines a structured, operationally practical legal framework software with the best data discovery capability in the market.

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PrivacyEngine™ offers a powerful suite of tools that every Data Controller should have access to. I’m using PrivacyEngine™ to manage the entire Data Processor and Controller process both internally and externally for our business. The advice and support from the guys is fantastic, having someone to ask that tricky question to is a godsend.

General Manager, Persona

Learn how Sytorus can help you manage complex privacy programs.

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