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Watch live demos of PrivacyEngine™ platform and hear expert advice from our privacy subject matter specialists on GDPR, data protection and compliance for privacy regulations. Register for upcoming webinars and / or watch on-demand webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

DPIA Webinar May 28th

Identifying Need For Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

May 28, 2020

A DPIA helps support the identification of any potential high risks to data privacy when your organisation is planning new or revising existing processes or functionality, or to design actions to mitigate these risks. It is a useful tool to help organisations to demonstrate their compliance with data protection law. DPIA’s help with implementing Privacy by Design (PbD), as mandated by the GDPR- Art25.

This webinar will demonstrate how to use the questionnaire feature on PrivacyEngine™ to determine if a DPIA is required or not, how to set up an internal questionnaire (what should you ask?), how to send it to the correct Data Protection Champion or Data Protection Officer (DPO) (who should you ask?) and how to set up an internal review process (who should review it?).


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On-Demand Webinars

WFH Webinar

PrivacyEngine™: Working from home - programme of work

April 17, 2020

As companies and organisations make workplace adjustments due to COVID-19, what should their privacy program look like now that they are working from home?

The webinar focuses on a programme of work that Data Protection Officers’ (DPO’s ) / Privacy Leads can complete to help minimise the risk of a breach of data or worse still, of getting hacked whilst their staff are working from home  with suggestions to help employees understand the dangers and remind them of their responsibility of managing personal data.

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RoPA Webinar April 3rd

How to complete your Records of Processing Activity (RoPA) with PrivacyEngine™

April 3, 2020

The GDPR provides organisations with a number of mandates in terms of demonstrating their accountability and overall compliance.

PrivacyEngine™ platform provides for this requirement via its automated ‘GDPR Logs’ module.

This webinar includes a demonstration of how organisations can leverage these GDPR Logs to their fullest potential, including the mechanics involved in the risk-raising function.

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Assess Vendors Webinar

How to Assess Vendors using PrivacyEngine™

Feb 26, 2020

The GDPR is clear that organisations must be accountable for the way third parties process personal data on their behalf. In the event of a breach, it’s not good enough to deny any wrongdoing and lay the blame entirely on the supplier. Organisations must therefore be confident that the third party takes data protection seriously and will implement appropriate measures to meet the Regulation’s requirements.

This webinar focuses on the Third Party Questionnaire feature within PrivacyEngine™ that enables users to scrutinize, manage and select nominated Third Party Vendors with regard to their Data Protection obligations. The demonstration also includes when organisations should use this feature and why they would use it.

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