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Create and manage training courses using our comprehensive and flexible Learning Management System (LMS).

Online Training

Get complete visibility of your colleagues’ data protection awareness. Create and manage training courses using our comprehensive and flexible Learning Management System (LMS). Select from a library of online training material and assign training to employees to ensure they are fully trained up.

Our interactive training videos cover the GDPR, CCPA, cybersecurity awareness, data security and phishing suceptibility modules. Certain modules are localised in English, German, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian and Dutch, as well as having Internationalised and US localised versions.



Learning Management System (LMS)

PrivacyEngine™ platform offers the following courses: 

GDPR Staff Awareness (4 modules)

This course provides an overview of the main requirements of the GDPR for organisations. It begins by explaining what types of data needs to be protected under the regulation, then details the roles and responsibilities of the Data Controller and the Data Processor.

Subsequent modules cover the key principles of Lawfulness and Accountability, as well as the individual rights of staff, customers and the general public guaranteed by the GDPR.

The final section introduces some practical precautions every staff member can take and outlines a procedure to follow in the event of a data breach. This course is suitable for all employees as part of your overall GDPR training and awareness activities.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA was passed in June 2018 by California legislators and has gone into effect since January 1, 2020. However, an amendment has been passed, introducing a 6-month enforcement grace period to July 1, 2020. This means that the Attorney General of California can't start enforcement actions until July of 2020.

CCPA is often called "California's Mini-GDPR". However, there are distinct differences between the two legislations.

CCPA is considered to be the most exhaustive privacy law in the USA. It provides California residents specific enumerated rights and it has far-reaching national and global implications for businesses.

This course will explain CCPA in layman's terms, helping you prepare your business to comply with the law. This course can be taken by anyone with any level of privacy knowledge or experience.

Cybersecurity Awareness (6 modules)

This course details how to set up and maintain an Information Security Management System, as recommended by the International Organisation for Standardisation. In practice, this means overhauling policies, procedures and staff training in the workplace to ensure there is a minimal risk of cyber attacks and data breaches occurring.

Beginning with a description of the typical forms of malware that currently hit organisations, the course goes on to explain how to create safer staff policies on internet use, data storage and personal devices.

The final module offers a brief introduction to the GDPR, the Data Protection Act and other legislation which regulates issues over data breaches and information security. This course is suitable for all employees as part of your overall Cybersecurity training and awareness activities.

12 Steps to GDPR Compliance (12 modules)

It is recommended that organisations become fully compliant with the GDPR through a twelve-step process. This course offers a detailed breakdown of how to complete each of these steps. Ranging from conducting a data information audit, through to dealing with subject access requests, and even safeguarding operations that process data in more than one European Economic Area member state, all aspects of complying with the regulation are covered.

This course is suitable for Data Protection Officers (DPO’s), Data Champions, Line Managers, Department Heads and any employee involved in the processing of personal data in your organisation.

Employees can download a certificate on completion of any of the courses above:

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