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GDPR Primer Course for Data Protection Officers

“Having attended numerous Data Protection courses over the past decade, I can say without fear of contradiction that this was the one that I benefited from most. The training material and delivery style was engaging, fresh and memorable. It is a course that I will continue to recommend to colleagues and industry peers.”
Gareth Davies, Head of Data Protection, Eircom

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A prior understanding of EU Data Protection legislation is recommended. Candidates are typically management professionals and decision-makers who already have responsibility for data protection compliance within their organisation.

Co-requisite subjects

Candidates should have a good understanding of their own organisation’s data management activities through the life cycle from initial acquisition, through the various areas of processing and usage, to eventual removal or destruction.


2 days

Subject aims

To equip the learner with a foundational understanding of the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and to provide constructive suggestions on implementing compliant processes.