About us

We have highly experienced and dedicated teams right across Europe

Our journey so far

Sytorus was founded by a multidisciplinary team in 2013 due to a growing demand for data protection solutions. From small beginnings, Sytorus has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of data protection solutions across the globe. PrivacyEngine, developed in 2015 and launched into the market in Jan 2016 has become the most comprehensive tool for data protection practitioners.

With offices in Dublin, London, Stockholm and Frankfurt, Sytorus have quickly grown throughout Europe, helping companies implement compliance. PrivacyEngine is deployed in over 40 jurisdictions, in multiple languages and across hundreds of companies, from SME to Enterprise. Our fast growth is a direct consequence of PrivacyEngine’s functionality, mixed with the leading practical advice and expertise, which our workforce brings to the market.

Our mission

We believe that data protection is not just a fundamental human right, but a key competitive advantage for companies. Personal data is everywhere and we understand that data protection practitioners deserve the best tools to do their jobs effectively. To achieve this we have put together teams of data protection, UX, security, data modelling and machine learning specialists to develop PrivacyEngine.

We continually focus on bringing the most effective business solutions for privacy to the market through PrivacyEngine, enabling and empowering data protection practitioners in their daily work. Our mission is simple, our goals are not, but we believe our customers are worth the effort.